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Created with loving intentions in small batches to maintain consistency and quality.

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We are passionate about our products

Our heart and soul goes into each and every product to ensure only the highest of vibrations are delivered to you.

Thank you, your candles provide me with such a sense of peace.

-Karin K

Ahhh! Best smelling candles ever.


I am obsessed with Rooted Herbal's candles. They have ruined other candles for me.

-Oliva H

People are absolutely in love with these candles. They are so beautiful and they always comment on how gorgeous they are and how incredible the fragrances are. I always love to chime in with how beautifully they burn. There's really nothing like them. Owner at Damn Aged Vintage in Cold Spring NY.

-Judiann @damnagedvintage

I have been battling for well over two months with a bursitis type disturbance in my left shoulder. I have done many things to help it. Using Rooted Herbals Pain Salve for the past few days, daily, twice a day. has significantly and dramatically reduced the inflammation and pain. Thank you! Like severely thank you!

-Tina Q

These candles are so magical. The creator at Rooted Herbals clearly puts all her enchanting energy into them. They are stunnnnning!

-Daisy L

I once again have to rave about the keep it smooth butter. This stuff is gold! It helped my son last year and now my 7 week old who I couldn't even put clothes on last week because it bothered her chest so much and now the bumps are nearly gone! Thank you Rooted herbals!

-Kelley G

Just wanted to share my awesome experience with Carly and all her products here on Rooted Herbals. I have been trying any different things she makes from syrups to health elixirs to chapsticks. I am always nothing short of amazed at the quality and craftsmanship that goes into each and everything she makes. Keep doing what you're doing please!

-Jesse D

My sister purchased the pain salve for my father. I got there today to pick it up and was in agony with my wrist (I type all day long) he hadn't tried it yet so I figured i'd give it a shot. Well in my 12 minute drive home it started to work and my pain was almost non-existent. Made a believer out of me.

-Andrea W

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Shop the look

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Natural & pure ingredients

Each product is curated using the highest quality ingredients. Natural, ethically sourced crystals. Essential oils and high quality fragrance that follows IRFA testing to provide a non-toxic essence.

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